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Integrating ICT for Quality Assurance and Marketing - Zambia

Internal Quality Control System for Organic Certification


Livelihood opportunities

Organic Producers and Processors Association of Zambia (OPPAZ)


on the ground project

Organic Farmers

Database, Internet, Open Source

The Integrating ICT for Quality Assurance and Marketing project helps to build an internal control system for the inspectors of Organic Producers and Processors Association of Zambia (OPPAZ). The project is supported by IICD since 2006. With the open source database the inspectors are able to collect the necessary data (plot data, crop type, crop produce) on a handheld computer. OPPAZ assists around 700 farmers to obtain international certification. The system will be tested at three pilot sites (Chongwe, Mongu and Mpongwe). The data collected will also be published on the internet. This publication can be viewed by international partners who would like to buy the produce of the member farmers. The system has therefore a double function as internal control system and as marketing tool.

This project will improve the livelihoods of organic farmers in Zambia through the integration of ICT for quality assurance and marketing. The project will contribute to the overall goal of OPPAZ which aims to:

  • Strengthen the organic industry in Zambia that effectively contributes to national economic growth and poverty reduction by increased organic production for local and export market,
  • Enhancing producers’ and processors’ incomes and improving the adoption of sustainable agriculture and other natural resource management practices. 
  • Through the ICS programme, OPPAZ aims to enable small-scale producer groups to have an established and functional internal control system that will enable them to have better access to the local, regional and international markets.

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So far a requirement analysis is done and the open source database is designed. The hardware that will be used is identified (by handheld computers).


  • To make an assessment of information and technology needs of pilot organizations and OPPAZ
  • To upgrade OPPAZ ICT infrastructure upgraded
  • To equip pilot sites adequately
  • To recruit appropriate human capacity recruited
  • To develop human capacity
  • To improve functioning and monitoring of the ICS
  • To provide market information to the farmers
  • To link farmers and international buyers

No impacts yet, the system is not yet operational. 

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IICD Interview: Mr Munshimbwe Chitalu, Chief Executive Officer, OPPAZ

The open source database is developed in collaboration with Altran (a Dutch ICT company), a private partner of IICD and local programmers of the Zambian Opensource Group.

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Project fact file
Country: Zambia
Sector: Livelihood opportunities
Type: on the ground project
Status: implementation
Start date: September 2006
Project owner: Organic Producers and Processors Association of Zambia (OPPAZ)
Beneficiary: Organic Farmers
ICT tools: Database, Internet, Open Source
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