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Integration of ICT in the Copperbelt College of Education Curriculum - Zambia

Equipment of a computer classroom and enhancement of teachers’ skills and knowledge to use ICT for the development of educational material.



Copperbelt College of Education (CBCE)


on the ground project


The Copperbelt College of Education (CBCE) is an educational facility for young Zambians in the Copperbelt region who want to become teachers for secondary schools. IICD supports ICT training of teachers and students in computer skills and the equipment of a new computer classroom. With their newly acquired skills teachers-to-be are able to digitally prepare and present their lessons. The college is also working on a network that allows students and teachers to access and exchange teaching materials via email and the internet.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) strongly promotes the use of ICTs in the educational system. In their strategy paper ‘Educating Our Future’ and the strategic plan 2003 - 2007, the Ministry has recognized the need to clarify that teaching should be more than a ‘transmission of knowledge.’ A learner-centred approach focuses on learner experiences and allows students to participate in the process of knowledge construction. This approach is appearing in more and more schools across Zambia.  This project falls completely within the policy of the Ministry of Education and helps to realize this policy.

  • Infrastructure installed: 10 computers, 4 laptops, 1 printer, 1 digital camera, Local area network and internet access
  • Capacity building of 30 teachers in Basic ICT and project staff (4) in networking & troubleshooting
  • Development of an ICT Policy for the Copperbelt College of Education
  • Training in computer maintenance, Open Office and developing e-Learning materials
  • Development of a user- and maintenance policy. Not yet approved by management

  • All teachers know and understand where, why and how ICT can be used to enhance teaching and learning
  • All teaching departments (4) integrate ICT in their teaching and learning activities
  • All teaching departments (4) incorporate ICT into the improved teacher training curriculum
  • CBCE develops and institutionalizes ICT usage policy and strategies

The project will influence newly trained secondary school teachers, who will become more computer literate and can use computers in their classes. In turn, they pass on their new knowledge and skills at the high schools at which they teach, benefiting almost 900 students.

Teachers are trained in ICT at CBCE

Teachers get ICT training at CBCE

Procurement of equipment was delayed because of time consuming tender procedure (government institutions have a procedure to follow if the total amount of a project is above a certain level). In the development phase more time should be planned for purchasing equipment.

The Copperbelt College of Education (CBCE) formerly named COSETCO (Copperbelt Secondary Teaching College) has been training teachers for the junior and secondary school sector since the early 1970s. However, its programme is now undergoing a transformation in accordance with the demands of the current national education policy.  In line with the policy, ‘Educating Our Future’ (1996), the Ministry of Education directed CBCE to upgrade the initial teacher training course to a three-year course. The first of these courses started in 2006.

The college offers teaching diploma programmes in Mathematics, Science and Home economics in association with the University of Zambia.

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Project fact file
Country: Zambia
Sector: Education
Type: on the ground project
Status: implementation
Start date: April 2008
Project owner: Copperbelt College of Education (CBCE)
Beneficiaries: Teachers, Students
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