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ICT policy Ministry of Education - Zambia

The development of an ICT Implementation Plan for the Education sector



Ministry of Education


ict policy project

Department within MoE

This project was set up in 2004 to help formulate an ICT policy and an ICT Strategy Implementation Plan for the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education’s ICT policy provides a clear and compelling roadmap to drive the use and development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the delivery of education and training.

Zambia has seen a tremendous increase in access to education with enrolments growing over 9% since 2000. The 5th National Development Plan 2006-2010 includes education as a priority sector for poverty alleviation and economic growth. The Ministry of Education has developed a Strategic Plan that works towards the achievement of the Education for All (EFA) goals, as agreed upon at the World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000, and the Millennium Development Goals. It aims to achieve universal access to quality primary education and gender equality.

The ICT policy complements and builds upon the National Vision 2030, the Firth National Development Plan, the National ICT Policy and the Ministry of Education Policy ‘Educating our Future’. The policy further provides key strategies that are essential for achieving Zambia’s educational development goals.

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This project is in the process to become a leveraging project. To realise the ICT Implementation Plan a budget of  around of € 60,000,000 is required.


  • Development of an ICT Implementation Plan
  • Raised awareness among senior staff members of the Ministry of Education about ICT policy.
  • Develop M0E website including space for ICT policy and its implementation plan

  • Development of integrated ICT in curricula
  • Training of Educators, Education Managers and Leaners
  • Development of Distance education and e-Learning
  • Improvement of Management and administration through the use of ICT

  • The project creates acceptance in the Education sector that ICTs should be integrated into the Education plans
  • Access to Information and Communication  for teachers and students is provided after implementation of the plan
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The ICT Implementation Plan has been assembled through a series of interactions with the Ministry Directorates and other stakeholders under the general direction of the Ministry of Education ICT Steering Committee.

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Project fact file
Country: Zambia
Sector: Education
Type: ict policy project
Status: implementation
Start date: July 2004
Project owner: Ministry of Education
Beneficiary: Department within MoE
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