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Community Information Centre Initiative - Ghana

Capacity building in ICTs of Community Information Centres


Livelihood opportunities

Ministry of Communications / Giftel

leveraging project

General Community Members, School Children, Youth out of School, Women and women groups, Private Business, Non-Governmental Organisations, Local Government Authorities

Internet, Wifi

Ghana’s Ministry of Communications is constructing 230 Community Information Centres (CICs). These centres serve as electronic libraries where people from remotely located areas can look up information about topics such as farming, education and healthcare. Depending on the needs of District Assemblies, the support from IICD will target ten Community Information Centres in the Northern part of Ghana. IICD will also provide strategic advice to the Ministry and Assemblies in terms of the technical, organizational and financial sustainability of the CICs and technical and business development training for CIC staff members. Advice is also given about connectivity solutions, deploying monitoring and evaluation tools.

The project is operating within the context of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDGs have set very ambitious targets to address structural concerns that impede economic growth and human development. Ghana’s own Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS) represents comprehensive policies, strategies, programmes and projects at macro and micro levels to support economic growth and poverty reduction. Within these broad frameworks ICT is being deployed within the CICs as an integral tool. The vision of the CIC concept is to create rural access centres and use ICT to promote community-based internet applications that will promote operational efficiency, through effective and timely availability of information.

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Interview with Mr Mohammed Soalisu, the CIC manager of Bimbilla

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All Community Information Centres are up-and –running: The computers are installed (5), the internet connectivity operational, staff is trained and the first services to the community are delivered.

The CIC managers participate in the project node meeting with other IICD projects to encourage more collaboration

a Three day Focus Group meeting with the CICs took place in March 2009. Six CIC's were participating through a special questionnaire for users of the CICs. The first day CIC managers and their staff were present in Tamale. The second day in Tamale was with CIC managers and District Assemblee staff and Day three was for stakeholders in Accra.

In Octber 2009 a business plan workshop was held for all 10 CICs

On the 17th of November a Northern ICT4D knowledge sharing event was organised in the CIC of Zebilla. All other CIC managers were invited to observe how such an event could be organised.


Interview with Mr Zakaria A Ayasco, CIC manager Yendi

  • Complement the CIC initiative with activities that will enhance the development impact and the sustainability of the CICs
  • Deploying the experiences and lessons-learned from IICD-supported projects, with specific regard to content development and the utilization and mobilization of user groups at community level


Interview with Ms Regina Ayariga, CIC manager Navrongo

The different target groups such as District Assembly members and government officials, farmers and traders, teachers and students will be able to access the internet to communicate in a two-way process in which data and information are sent and received between two and more parties, each within an inherent knowledge and understanding about how the data and information is to be used. Consequently this will empower them and will improve their livelihoods.

Interview with Mrs Akabang Achambilie Olivia, CIC Bolgatanga

The Community Information Centre Initiative is a combined project between three ministries:

  • The Ministry of Communications, through its agency Ghana Investment Fund for Telecommunications GIFTEL, is constructing and connecting Community Information Centres
  • The Ministry of Local Government is responsible for the district assemblees, who will provide the staff for the centre
  • The Ministry of Information and National Orientation (MINO) will support the CICs with the development of local content
  • The coordination is done through a steering committee with representatives from the major stakeholders (including IICD).
  • Currently IICD supports CICs in: Bolgatanga, Navrongo, Zebilla, Walewale, Damango, Salaga, Bembila, Yendi, Bongo and Sandema


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Project fact file
Country: Ghana
Sector: Livelihood opportunities
Type: leveraging project
Project owner: Ministry of Communications / Giftel
Beneficiary: General Community Members, School Children, Youth out of School, Women and women groups, Private Business, Non-Governmental Organisations, Local Government Authorities
ICT tools: Internet, Wifi
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