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IKON - Teleradiology in Mali (project evaluation)


Mar 23 2007, Mali [ML], Health

Project evaluation: Teleradiology in Mali (IKON): Quick diagnoses and better treatments in rural areas (PDF version - 169KB)

Telemedicine is a relatively new development in the health sector whereby modern communication technology enables doctors in rural areas to call in the help of specialised doctors in larger, academic hospitals to give the right diagnose and to decide upon the right course of treatment. In Mali, IICD assisted SOMIM (Société Malienne d’Imagerie Médicale) with setting up internet connection between the hospital Point GP in Bamako and three hospitals in the rural areas of Timbuktu, Mopti and Sikasso to experiment with teleradiology. The teleradiology project provides a solution for the lack of trained radiologists in rural hospitals, by offering the possibility to send or receive x-ray scans and diagnosis over the internet. After a difficult start doctors from three rural hospitals now use the technology. The health care in rural areas has significantly improved as patients get a quicker diagnosis and better medical treatment. The project has even proved able to save people’s lives!

Download the full document:

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