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Projects in Mali Continue, but IICD Remains Concerned about Turmoil


Apr 05 2012, Mali [ML], Economic Development, Health

Despite the turmoil in Mali, our projects in the Connect4Change alliance are able to continue and our partners are not in any immediate danger. However, IICD is of course concerned about the current situation.

In Mali, IICD works in Economic Development and Health. Most of our projects are not located in the North and are able to run, but with frequent power outages and limited access to water and banks, operations are running slower than usual.

“At this moment our partners are not in any immediate danger,” states François Laureys, Regional Manager for West Africa at IICD. “But it’s obvious that a trading embargo that is currently implemented by the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) is influencing daily life in the areas where we work.”

Power outages

Laureys:“We receive reports of long lasting power outages and food prices are rising. For one of the affiliated organisations of our agriculture partner Sene Kunafoli Bulon the embargo already means that they are unable to sell their mango harvest abroad.”

IICD’s partners are actively speaking about the situation via various social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. A member of the IICD-supported ‘women and ICT’ group wrote an outcry in which she states her concerns if the situation with a junta in the South and a Tuareg Army and Islamic Group in the North continues. “Malians will be will be torn in two and there will be risks of being kidnapped by armed bandits [...] We must respect our constitution and set up another person of consensus, around which all forces of the nation are gathered. (CNRDRE, political parties, civil society, Malian youth and national and international partners of Mali) to manage the crisis.”

More information via IICD

IICD continues to monitor the situation. Our thoughts go out to our partners and we hope that stability in Mali soon returns. Should anything change for our projects and our partners, we will report on this as soon as possible.

For new updates you can follow IICD's Regional Manager for West Africa on twitter: @flaureys. For other ICT for development related news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

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