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ICTs for agricultural livelihoods: Impact and lessons learned from IICD supported activities


May 01 2010, Ghana [GH], Jamaica [JM], Burkina Faso [BF], Zambia [ZM], Uganda [UG], Mali [ML], Bolivia [BO], Tanzania [TZ], Ecuador [EC]

This book by IICD highlights the lessons learned and achievements of the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) and its partners in using ICT4D to support agricultural livelihoods.

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Agriculture is an important economic sector, since it provides income and food for a large segment of the population in developing countries. Intensification of production and increased market orientation are the main processes that can contribute to the future viability of the sector and create income for the people that depend on it.

The projects described in this booklet were carried out by IICD and its partners over a six-year period and provide examples of the many ways in which ICTs contribute to poverty alleviation in the agriculture sector.

By sharing our experiences in this booklet, IICD hopes to contribute to a better understanding of the opportunities of employing ICTs and their contribution to reaching the Millennium Development Goals in the agricultural sector.

The 76-page booklet is available online in PDF format. Printed copies are available upon request.

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