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Winners of ICT Stories 2002 competition


May 03 2002

From 15 finalists, the panel of judges selected 4 winners in the ICT Stories competition 2002. The winners presented their stories at INET 2002.

A difficult choice

The six judges - an international panel of experts on ICTs for development - had great difficulty to make a selection out of the finalists. Judge Layton Croft said: "I thoroughly enjoyed reading many of this year's entries online, and particularly this year's finalists. Judging was difficult, and choosing the top three was nearly impossible."

The winners are .....

The four winning stories illustrate how ICTs can contribute to sustainable development.

In the project 'Connecting India Village by Village', Drishtee is a platform to develop IT enabled services to rural and semi-urban populations. The services include access to government programmes and benefits, market related information, and private information exchanges and transactions. Using a tiered franchise and partnership model, Drishtee can support the creation of approximately 50,000 Information Kiosks all over India within a span of six years.

The project 'Kabissa - Space for change in Africa' enables non profit organisations to have their own presence on the Internet. Kabissa provides access to Internet and several services such as mailing lists.

In the story 'Marrying Radio with Internet in Nepal' Internet is used for the first community FM radio in south Asia: Radio Sagarmatha. Since 2000, more than 100 programmes on ICTs have been broadcast with live transmissions from ICT events, interviews, and live internet browsing.

The fourth winning story is called 'Sole Comfort Dot-Com: Bridging the Global Income Gap Through Hard Work, Quality Sandals, and ICTs'. Here, the Internet is used to market Ecosandals from Kenya throughout the world, providing work for 27 Kenyans.

The winners and the finalists 2002.

Yahoo News on the ICT Stories competition.

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